Magnus Sodamin


Magnus Sodamin will activate bodies of water throughout Miami-Dade this October for the Commuter Biennial as a means of exploring the habitats of commuting birds in proximity to commuters on the road. Sodamin will use his skiff boat as a platform and temporary studio to paint en-plein-air, leaving him available to be observed by passing traffic, while he in turn observes and documents wildlife in transit.


Magnus Sodamin is Miami based painter whose artwork is influenced by a lifetime of open-air exploration. His most recent body of work was an exploration and documentation of Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Sodamin has held residencies at the Deering Estate and the Artist in Residency in Everglades (AIRIE). Reminiscent of impressionist methods, the paintings act as windows into the quiet solitude of nature. In recognition of time and beauty, Sodamin depicts a world overflowing with lavish flora, where light acts as an element of change, encouraging the viewer to honor our natural surroundings now before the moment is lost into an unfamiliar future.