Commuter Biennial is a Knight funded public art exhibition taking place throughout Miami-Dade County from July through October 2019. This exhibition aims to highlight commuter experiences of the Miami metro area by activating unconventional and underutilized locations, bringing attention to marginal, yet recognizable places in the suburban landscape. In activating these areas, the biennial seeks to redefine the places we consider home, underscoring the character and quality of neighborhoods. The Biennial seeks to democratize access to art through a series of artistic commissions across a wide range of styles and mediums that intersect high and low concepts and modalities. By shifting the experience of contemporary art away from the context of the gallery or urban centers, the exhibition explores what social critic James Howard Kunstler deems the true public realm of American cities: the streets.

Laura Randall | Curator
Courtney Levine | Assistant Curator


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