Virginia Overton

Virginia Overton’s sculptural work Untitled (Late Bloomer) will be installed on site at the Deering Estate at the People’s Dock from late September to December of 2019. With this work, Overton repurposes the bed of her Dodge Ram 150 pickup truck and fashions it into a habitat for aquatic plants. This piece will evolve throughout the course of its installation as the plants continue to grow. Through the placement and evolution of this work, Overton creates an examination of human relationships to both the natural and built environments, as well as to commuter relationships to lives in their cars.

Virginia Overton (b. 1971, lives in Brooklyn, NY) is known for her site-specific and sculpture works that often incorporate found or readymade objects. Virginia Overton's work comprises installation, sculpture and photography, often beginning intuitively as a direct response to her physical presence in a particular space. Through a process of trial and error, she creates sculpture that is performative, sometimes obstructing, bisecting, dividing or joining the architecture of a space with works that are dramatic and minimal in feel.

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