T. Wheeler Castillo

“Broadside Landscapes inlays images of the Floridian landscape on an unexpected platform, making for a surprising encounter. The images come from the experience of the landscape, shaping meaning through colors related to the senses, capturing light and memory to describe and, hopefully, communicate through. Please take if you run across one on your MDT bus commute. I left them there for the taking.” - T. Wheeler Castillo

Milkweed  -  Broadside Landscapes , 2019. T. Wheeler Castillo.

Milkweed - Broadside Landscapes, 2019. T. Wheeler Castillo.

T. Wheeler Castillo (lives and works in Miami, FL) is interested in the landscape and ecosystems, past (art history) and present (Environmental Studies); he works from an interdisciplinary approach in his relentless pursuit of poetry, art history, earth science and anthropology. He is Co-director at Turn-Based Press, an artist-run print studio, whose mission is to offer facilities for printmakers in Miami, Fl, as well as advance an appreciation for the medium and its history. He also produces works through experimentation and partnership that nurtures his visual work. One-half of the experimental Archival Feedback (along with Emile Milgrim), the duo engage in various critical dialogues of the moment, they approach the environment as a studio in the field, their ears and tools guiding questions and intentions. The fieldwork documents through sound a repeatable sensorial experience of the ever-changing landscape. AF expands their range working in other mediums including print-making, video, sound manipulation and installation and through collaboration with artists, musicians, and scientists.

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Summer 2019 - Broadside Landscapes , 2019. T. Wheeler Castillo.

Summer 2019 - Broadside Landscapes, 2019. T. Wheeler Castillo.